12 - 15 FEBRUARY 2025

Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

don't be shy!

Networking is an important part of HI Design events.

The welcome dinner officially kicks things off the first evening with all Buyers and Suppliers together, putting faces to names and catching up with acquaintances.

Day 2, the networking keeps rolling with chats over coffee, lunch and between the meetings. As official business ends on day 2, it's time to relax as we re-group for an informal dinner.

Day 3 and the networking just seems to flow as you enjoy random chats and unexpected meetings throughout the day and leads start to open up from unexpected sources. As the final business day closes, everyone comes together again in the evening for the Farewell Dinner.

After 2 busy days it’s time to relax in the company of new clients, colleagues and friends and firm up plans to meet after the event.


General Enquiries:

Louisa Walton

Tel: +971 58 159 0945

Operational Enquiries:

Charlie Gilmour

Tel: +44 7889 720294

Supplier Enquiries:

Sephora Maio

Tel: +971 50 257 2847

Buyer Enquiries:

Syed Pasha

Tel: +971 50 254 3617